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    This rifle with tailored reload shoots in the 1 4 moa range. 223 to punch holes in targets nothing more. Peter Jones Reviews the Remington 700 and considers if it is still a good buy for deer stalkers. May 25 2018 Remington Model 700 SPS rifle Remington 39 s always shoot well says Bruce Potts and this smart stalker friendly. The original Remington 700 SPS Tactical as it came from the factory. No reviews yet Write a review. It is currently only available on . The sale isn 39 t final so I would like to here from you. 308 Review I am sure every word possible has been already said about the Remington 700 over the years. 10 Aug 2018. Attached is a photo of a factory model 700 sps stainless 25 06 of my wifes nbsp . 243 wouldn 39 t look any different accept for the shorter action. Rem 27140 Xmark pro trigger external adjustment. Dec 07 2016 Remington Model 700 SPS Disassembled Remington Model 700 Variants. 5 and . The SPS. Fit Finish Feel Features and Functions. Oct 17 2006 Madison N. The Hunter 700 Stock is compatible with standard Remington 700 pattern short action rifles with stock Remington hinged floorplates and can be easily upgraded to removable AICS spec short action magazines 5. Dec 12 2014 Katie A. A RACKNLOAD review of the Remmy 700 SPS Tactical. The recoil isn 39 t painful per say. VTR Varmint My personal choice would be the 700 SPS Varmint I only wish Remington would offer this rifle in 7mm 08 my personal favorite and . Remington Arms has always produced a line of special run firearms for certain distributors and conservation groups and these items do not appear in the catalog. 28 Dec 2013. Re Remington 700 SPS vs. The ADL was the low end of the 700 lineup and the SPS now fills that role. S. Nov 30 2011 1 Hello. It is a Remington 700 SPS Special Purpose Synthetic in. May 25 2015 The Remington 700 SPS Tactical. The Remington Model 700 SPS Varmint rifle is built on the Model 700 action which is the most solid dependable and trusted in existence. The Remington 700 has been an icon in the American gun culture for over 50 years. Handguns typically arrive within 2 3 business days and long guns within 4 5 business days. Thanks for the info I 39 m looking at many reviews on the 300 win mag. Dec 22 2010 The Model 700 was introduced in 1962 and since then Remington has expanded the design into more than 30 sub models including the Special Purpose Synthetic. The Remington 700 Tactical Chassis rifle is nbsp . With this combination of features this rifle is trying to compete in the budget hunting rifle category. The Remington Model 700 delivers accuracy and dependability so consistently that it 39 s become the benchmark for all centerfire rifles. Drilled and tapped nbsp . I see varying results with the Rem 700 SPS out of the box. Joined Aug 7 2010 Messages 94. The Model 700 SPS features an improved ergonomically designed synthetic stock for better handling and enhanced overall functionality. Select our. 30 06 with a Nikon Buckmasters 4. My first couple of shots were low and to the left. 22 LR the problem was the scope we would get it close within half a inch of the bulleseye when we would sight it in and the next day we would be 4 5 inches off firing the same distance same conditions in our case it was the scope. The Model 700 SPS has five shot capacity in . SIGN nbsp . Be the first to review Remington 700 SPS Cancel reply. Remington 700 Review Based on several preceding designs by Remington the 700 action is the final evolution of a concept that Remington began working with in 1948. I know I 39 m wanting a 308 which sort of limits my choices when it comes to Remington 700 39 s. For the money it is a good starting platform just as long as you are aware of the limitations in the stock and floorplate. Mar 24 2013 A stock Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC SD weighs 7. The Remington 700 is a classic American rifle it s been serving American shooters for generation after generation. 8 Star Rating on 38 Reviews for Magpul Industries Hunter 700 Rifle Stock for Rem. will be reviewing the last of the new 700 s the 700 Police 5R RACS which has a modular chassis with folding stock. Aug 26 2018 Stuart Wilson reviews the latest iteration of the legend that is Remington s 700 this model coming in . In a previous article I tested the Remington SPS Tactical 308 rifle which has inappropriately been nicknamed by many as the poor man 39 s sniper rifle. 30 Jun 2018. I have tried to find some reviews on the Remington 700 sps. Those are big shoes to fill. Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC SD Long Range Setup and Review At first blush you might think you have to shell out big bucks for a long range rifle but the Remington Model 700 SPS Tactical AAC SD with a suggested retail of only 833 will hold its own against rifles costing much more. ADL has a blind magazine. The most common 700 of the past would have been one using a hinged floorplate and wood stock but times have changed. It comes drilled and tapped for scope mounts in this case Talley mounts of very high quality. Remington Model 700 SPS Bolt Action Rifle Built to carry on the tradition of the Model 700 ADL Synthetic the Model 700 SPS is leading the way for the next generation Description middot Additional Information middot Reviews nbsp . Remington 39 s Model 700 SPS Tactical is an excellent choice for an issued precision rifle. Cartridge head enclosed in 3 rings of steel Remington 700 SPS 270WSM. 925. I have shot several groups under 1 quot with reloads. This is a shooting review so I focus on shooting the proven Fede. With my hopes high I went to the gun store to go look at this new model 700 SPS stainless. Remington 700 SPS STAINLESS. Remington 700 SPS Stainless. I found an unfired Savage Axis pre accutrigger for 200. Denny2277 Well Known Member.

    25 May 2018. Actually I think it is a good deal for anyone looking for a handy sized precision rifle for any use Apr 08 2020 The standard Remington 700 SPS rifle was designed and introduced as the 700 ADL replacement a few years ago. 222 Rem. Built to nbsp . Remington Model 700 CDL rifles are offered for sale in Remington 39 s three best selling chamberings including the 270 Win 30 06 Springfield and 7mm Remington magnum. No reviews yet. Black Synthetic stock with grey overmold . 26 quot Stainless barrel. Dec 21 2016 I m no stranger to Remington s SPS range of rifles which were initially the replacement for the old Remy 700 ADL synthetic. Jul 28 2013 As a part of the 700 family the Remington 700 SPS Tactical continues the long reputation of being an accurate hunting rifle. 270 Win Bolt Action Centerfire Rifle is easy on the eyes but tough on your target. Remington Model 700 SPS Varmint Rifle Review As a follow up to my Building a Target Rifle post I figured I would post a review about the Remington 700 SPS chambered in. I see comments about . Overall the performance of most ADL rifles is highly competitive. 30 Jan 2017. 79 quot . These include the . 5 inch barrel an X Mark Pro trigger and SuperCell recoil pad. I think it is hit and miss with a Rem. 5 quot Remington 700 Review by Leave a Comment If you are new to shooting or hunting and are just starting off then you could consider the Remington 700 which is among the best rifles for beginners. The best 3 shot group I have shot with reloads is . A Model 700 so cheap that Remington barely acknowledges its existence. The Remington 700 has served faithfully with both law enforcement and the military as it is the chosen rifle of the United States Marine Corps scout sniper units. I don 39 t use t. I know there will be some of you that say remington doesnt build a good rifle well just like any rifle you just have to tinker with powder and bullets. Stock Material The original Remington 700 SPS Tactical as it came from the factory. 3 pounds and has an overall length of 39 5 8 inches. Jan 15 2019 When the Model 700 came out in 1962 Remington used the occasion to introduce the 7mm Remington Magnum which became one of the most popular chamberings. With a wide range of chamberings the Model 700 CDL rifle is extremely popular. Mar 09 2012 Yes you read that correctly this is a review of the Remington 700 ADL. What can I possibly say about the Remington 700 that has not already been said remington a. Home middot About middot Admin middot ThePrey middot Techniques middot TechPage middot Reviews. 700 SPS rifle. The bolt is the standard Remington 700 bolt and saf. SPS Tactical Current VTR Varmint Target Rifle Current Long Range Current NOTE All information listed was compiled from standard catalog listings. I couldn 39 t get either trigger to adjust below 4 pull. It supports only 2 calibers i. The only thing I changed on the sps 39 s was I changed out the triggers on both to the timney triggers the Remington X Pro triggers are garbage in my opinion. Write a review. Buy the Remington Model 700 SPS Tactical Bolt Action Rifle and more quality Fishing Hunting and Outdoor gear at Bass. Remington Model 700 SPS Wood Tech . 6 Sep 2018. Dec 25 2020 If so then check out our reviews of the Best Scope Mount for Remington 700 the Best Remington 700 Upgrade and the Best Bipod for Remington 700 currently available. Can the Remington 700 still compete against other bolt action rifles today Here 39 s our review. 7 Oct 2013. 223 combines that feature with good looks and great handling The Remington SPS is a practical tool and you can rely on it to get the job done Credit J Potts Oct 15 2012 Gun Review Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC SD Anyone who has been reading my stuff knows I ve been lusting after a bolt action rifle with a threaded barrel longer and more passionately than Farago s been pining for a date with an Israeli model. Hi Trevor If you want to do a side by side test I can sell you a blued Rem 700 in 7mm 08 I would have expected that you should be able to get handloads to under and inch. For years I put off upgrading the stock for my new Remington 700 SPS Tactical. The salesman usually stocks the gun but he was out of stock so I am not obligated to purchase the gun. And they did. Having said that I have Remington sps Varmint in 22 250 that shoots under a inch with just about anything I put through it.

    The Model 700 SPS Tactical is a highly maneuverable member of the family. The one very nice advantage that the SPS has over the ADL is the same hinged floorplate that is found on the BDL line of rifles. Remington Model 700 CDL Rifles. Apr 08 2020 We recently performed a review on the Remington 700 SPS Varmint to test the suitability of that rifle as a tactical rifle but this time around we will be testing the Remington 700 SPS Tactical rifle to see how well it performs. Sep 05 2017 For a long time you could recommend a 700 in . My new rifle should be here today. 28 Apr 2018. 5 14x40mm scope and Leupold base and rings. At the heart of the SPS Special Purpose Synthetic is the famous Model 700 action that encloses the cartridge head in 3 rings of steel the recessed. Customer Reviews. I like the cz 39 s but i have been offered a new Remington 700 sps in synthetic and stainless. 300 Blackout comes with the machined steel Model 700 receiver design and a 16 inch heavy contour barrel threaded to accept AAC and all 5 8 x 24 threaded flash. The little youth rifle shot too good to change anything about it. The only factory parts I ll typically use are the receiver and bolt assembly everything else is upgraded. It was one heck of a benchmark. Feb 02 2021 Remington 700 SPS Made to supplement and then replace ADL Remington 700 SPS is a new design that features a new material trigger and magazine. Jun 13 2016 The Remington 700 SPS Tactical 308 is a fine rifle that spits out amazing groups even with milspec ammo. Team Buds Recent Reviews. I suppose the review was not really about the performance or operation of the rifle as we knew what to expect there but the review was probably more about the SPS V stock. John Smith John S. It 39 s built for tack driving accuracy with a 20 heavy contour tactical style barrel and nbsp . 308 Win 26 quot Barrel. 30 06 Big Green has attempted to top America s go to rifle. He is working a lot of overtime and deer season is fast approaching and he finally asked me if I could sight it in for him. With top end target and match ammo the SPS Tactical is an amazingly good shooting gun that some folks have reported as good as 100 yards groups with out of the box. Get the Shooting Illustrated Reloaded newsletter for at a glance access to industry news gear gun reviews videos and more delivered directly to your Inbox. The. I have put five hundred rounds through this rifle and have yet to find any true faults in its performance. 308. One of the reasons why the Remington 700 SPS Varmint is cheaper than other Model 700 types is because of the stock design. 2inch group is petty much up to Remington standards. So when I saw the sps tactical rifle I had to have it. Overview Remington Model 700 SPS Bolt Action Rifle Built to carry on the tradition of the Model 700 ADL Synthetic the Model 700 SPS is leading the way for the next generation of hard hitting fully featured affordable priced rifles. Both these guns take inspiration from the classic Remington 700 bolt action rifle which means they function well and are effective in most applications. Accuracy Hunters and target shooters have long praised the seemingly inherent accuracy of the 700. e. Oct 09 2008 I have tried to find some reviews on the Remington 700 sps in 30 06 but they are hard to come by. I m talking about the cheapest Remington 700 that you can buy today. Could it be used as an entry level affordable tac. 4. 13 Jun 2016. At the heart of the SPS Special Purpose Synthetic is the famous Model 700 action that encloses the cartridge head in 3 rings of steel the recessed bolt face the chamber end of the barrel and the front receiver ring. com Remington 700 ADL vs. The carbon steel barrels are clean without sights and receivers are drilled and tapped for scope mounts. C. Remington 39 s 700 series remains a fine rifle with a few minor niggles that don 39 t detract from its fundamental fitness for duty. Some calibers are rare and will bring a premium on the used and collector markets. Aug 03 2019 My 1st Rem 700 was an SPS I ended up bedding it amp getting work done on the trigger still shot 1 2moa not bad for a 1000AU rifle. Key Features courtesy of Remington 39 s website . I see comments about. 21 . I realize the Remington will have more options available as far as accessories go but I would like to get everyone 39 s opinion especially those with a Savage Axis. With Tactical being the current buzz word I decided to look at their new latest with adjustable aluminum modular stock.

    Using 168 grain Federal Premium MatchKing at a distance of 200 yards I shot a five round group. Even with a few drawbacks like a one hunting calibre choice this rifle is definitely a good pick for anyone who gets up close and personal with their prey. Remington Model 700 SPS Stainless in 300 Remington Ultra Mag Caliber. If you 39 re interested take a look at our Hands on Review Bergara. The major difference between the SPS and the other sub models is price. I had a sps chambered in 243 that would shoot 3inch groups. Remington 700 SPS Tactical. A review and overview of my Remington 700 SPS Varmint in . 29 Apr 2010. by Guy Sagi on March 24 2013. Instead of sticking with. All exterior metalwork features a matte blued finish. 15 Oct 2012. This design provides inherent strength while holding the cartridge in precise alignment with the bore for exceptional accuracy. Remington 700 SPS Synthetic VAR 22250 Left Hand 26. The differences between the two are also noteworthy as they target different sets of markets and audiences. They had one It was 300 win mag but I knew that the . Barrelled action in AICS stock Legacy style stock duracoated in GAP digital pattern. Aug 29 2018 The Remington Model 700 series has become an industry standard as far as reliability and accuracy are concerned and continues to evolve. The stock is Hogue overmolded with a black finish. I steadily worked my way to the right then after the center target became cluttered I moved onto the smaller black boxes. 30 06 to anyone and know that they could reliably hunt anything in North America with it. . Remington 700 SPS Varmint . Thread starter Denny2277 Start date Nov 30 2011 D. From this basic hunter the range has grown to cover a number of needs perhaps the most interesting being the Varmint. American Rifleman Remington Model 700 A staple of the bolt action community the 700 is one of the most respected rifles in the world and rightfully so.

    00. 308 is an amazing performing rifle which eats and spits out amazing groups downrange even with milspec ammo. With top end target and match ammo the SPS Tactical is a marvelous out of the box factory shooting gun which some folks have reported as good as 100 yards groups with. The major difference between the SPS and. With the new Remington 700 American Wilderness Rifle in . I ve always had good luck with the accuracy of out of the box Remington 700s. With top end target and match ammo the AAC SD is a good shooting gun that some folks have reported as good as 100 yards groups with out of the box. 257 Roberts and 7 57 Mauser. Remington 700 ADL Rifle Review. Dec 01 2011 I have a Remington 700 SPS chambered in 30 06 that I bought within the last 6 months. Our sample even with the factory trigger unadjusted but user adjustable and the Hogue stock lightly touching the barrel. Nowadays both ADL and SPS rifles are in production but the average price of SPS models tend to be higher. Write a. Infopop Corporation. I will be doing a few project videos with this gun including one going over all the changes and accessories so stay tuned. I asked th. OUT OF STOCK 2 Remington 700 SPS Synthetic VAR 223 LH 26. The threaded AAC SD version makes perfect sense in this application opening up new pos. but the wide range of options offered in the Remington 700 line for the last 50 years has set the standard for sporting and tactical rifles. Review Remington 700 SPS Varmint Over the years I ve built quite a few custom rifles on Remington 700 actions. This is going to be part of a series of 8 hunting rifles under 750 and on July 17th we will be showing our roundup review. Note Bipod not included. I 39 m not 100 sure if I like the synthetic stock feels a bit cheep having said that it fitts my budget. The SPS Tactical is only available through Remington premium dealers but in reality they should be fairly easy to find. It offers a great value for the suggested retail price and provides a large amount of usability for law enforcement use. Dec 24 2017 Remington 700 Models. 223 with a 5 R rifled barrel. Made in USA. You may recall my exceptional 500 yard group with a 243 Winchester 700 SPS for instance but overall the guns shoot well especially at this price point and remember this wasn t a heavy barrel rifle. Remington 39 s 700 SPS Tactical in 223 uses a more flexible 1 9 twist as does their Remington 783. Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC SD Long Range Setup and Review. The factory loads I have shot through it have all grouped between 1 quot and 1. Due to Remington making M700 s for so long there are a ton of variants out there. the Model 700 SPS Tactical 39 s 1 in 12 barrel twist. 8 Dec 2017. Feb 18 2021 The Remington 700 Long Range is well built but it is not the lightest long range comes in heavy at 9 pounds and a bit long at 47 inches long. Dec 24 2014 Remington 700 SPS Tactical . although it was a cheap scope that remington threw on it. What Remington wanted to create was a bolt action rifle that would give the same reliability as existing models while minimizing the number of parts and machining processes.

    Have you tried nbsp . Re Reminton 700 sps stainless. I m not talking about that dusty walnut stocked bargain gun your grandfather bought back in the 1970 s. GRS Fully Adjustable Hunting Stock Remington 700 BDL 2 Review s Taking the features from the Sporter Varmint stock this is a stock for the hunter wanting a adjustable riflstock with more classic lines. Incidently the most accurate rifle I 39 ve ever own is a Remington 700 Varmint 223 with the factory stock which has the aluminum bedding block which free floats the barrel. . With the exception of the Remington 870 shotgun the Remington 700 action remains the most popular gun in Remington 39 s entire line up. 260 Rem. 4. Remington 700 SPS Varmint . They were an immediate hit when introduced in 1962 and have never looked back. Remington 783 Bolt Action . I have a Remington 700 SPS in 300 win mag and am having trouble keeping the rifle on the ground. Want it dispatched tomorrow Order within. 1 Jul 2020. Jul 23 2012 Pictured here is the Model 700 SPS. These days the 700 SPS is quite popular as well as a few other models. Generations have done just that. I 39 m looking for a bolt gun in . 30 06 Springfield 22 quot Barrel 3 9x40mm Scope 4 1 Rounds. Feb 21 2011 Re Remington 700 VTR Review Post by Davis Goertzen Tue Mar 08 2011 5 58 am I 39 ve had the opportunity to hold and dry fire a Remington 700 VTR a few times at our local sporting goods store and just as you say it handles nicely and points easily. Name displayed publicly like. Specifications Reviews. 8 Apr 2020. Hello For this video I review the Remington 700 SPS Tactical chambered in . Remington Police 700 5R RACS I know one question readers asked last year after the review of the Army sniper rifle the 300 Win Mag and 338 Lapua Magnum built on a chassis system was if they could buy one. 308 Winchester. You Built on the proven Remington Model 700 the SPS Bolt Action Rifle has all the features you need for big game hunting predator hunting or informal target shooting at an affordable price. I have shot very few factory loads through this gun. J. 8 Jun 2018. The forend is broader than a standard stock and gives you very good control of the rifle when aiming and shooting. Other than adjusting the trigger to 2. The Remington 700 is the most popular line of rifles ever manufactured. Recently I came across the 700 SPS and couldn 39 t help but notice that I can pick one up for at least 200 less than an. So it 39 s got its 20 quot heavy barrel which gets a big wrap in a lot of reviews some saying it 39 s their. The 26 quot heavy contour barrel is perfectly matched to its high velocit. 700 Short Action On. Dec 28 2013 Remington s Model 700 SPS Tactical is an excellent choice for an issued precision rifle. 5 MOA with factory ammo. It has a nice thick and soft butt pad that not only helps with recoil but also allows you to stand it in a corner without worrying that it will slide down the wall and damage the scope. We recently performed a review on the Remington 700 SPS Varmint to test the suitability of that rifle as a tactical rifle but this time around we will be testing the Remington 700 SPS Tactical rifle to see how well it perf. Actually. I will be doing a few project videos with this gun including one going over all the chang. 15 Apr 2005. The Remington Model 700 SPS Bolt Action Rifle has a hinged floorplate for safe and easy unloading of the magazine and comes drilled and tapped for scope mounts. 350 Remington Magnums 7mm Weatherby Magnum . The Model 700 SPS Tactical . 62x51 pattern without the need for custom inletting. It comes in the following calibers Remington 700 Tactical Chassis. Enjoy My Social Networks nbsp . The most accurate out of the box rifle ever made. Be the first to write a review Quick View. 5 MOA with factory ammo. I 39 ve shot a lot of ammo through mine and the. Write a Review. The Remington Model 700 is a series of bolt action rifles that have become nothing short of iconic in the world of hunting and it continues to be one of the best selling Remington rifles available on the market even after satisfying customers for the past 50 years. See full list on pewpewtactical. Remington. It 39 s a bit co. I think it just depends on how good the tooling and quality control was the day your rifle was made. When you do go hunting with it this is one long range rifle that will definitely afford you the ability to place a great ethical shot from a distance. The Remington 700 SPS forgoes all the nice little surface treatments in favor of a fairly pedestrian black oxide finish. The rifle was first manufactured in the early 1960s with many of those rifles still in use today and many available in used gun shops across the U. The Remington Model 700 series is the all time best selling line of bolt action sporting rifles in the world. Remington 700 rifle review Bruce Potts admire the 40 year old Model 700 whose bolt action rivals the best for strengt. 6. Just wondering what you have to say about the Remington 700. 223 at this stage and am after some info on the Remington 700 SPS tactical if anyone can give me some feedback. 308 Win with 20 Heavy Barrel with 5 8 24 Threaded Muzzle Shipped nbsp . Range Report. I do own a ne. 24 Dec 2017. 22 250 Remington 22 quot Barrel 4 1 Rounds. I 39 ve shot a lot of ammo through mine and the absolute best group I can get is around 1. Remington Model Seven Predator Bolt Action . Shipped. Here is a brief overview of the more popular Model 700 s which are available SPS Tactical Comes with a 20 inch or 16. For a rifle on a budget I couldn t have asked for more. As I have heard mixed reviews on t. 56x45 or 7. BDL Bolt Action Rifle. It is. I also found an unfired Remington 700 SPS for 450. 20 Apr 2020. Lgr we had the same problem with our model 597 remington . He also bought a Leupold 4 12 scope and a solid base for it. REMINGTON 700 SPS SS SUPER PACKAGE STAINLESS STEEL 24 quot BARREL SYNTHETIC STOCK REMINGTON 1 quot SILVER RING SET TROPHY 3 9X40 ILLUMINATED SCOPE SPECIAL NEW. The Model 700 has also become the favored action of many custom rifle builders. Factory new in box. 9MOA or 2 Inches. 700 Short Action Up to 19 Off 4. 01Day10Hrs11Mins07Secs. We put it all together in my shop and he was ready to sight it in. If you re also thinking of changing the stocks on your other rifles take a look at our reviews of the Best AR 15 Folding Stocks the Best SKS Stocks the Best Ar 10 Stocks. 308 Win. Wondering if any of you can give a good or bad report. The Model 700 SPS Stainless Special Purpose Synthetic offers everything you love about the legendary Model 700 all at an extremely affordable price. The Remington 39 s action is so well known it needs no great mention suffice to say it is sleek and extremely practical. Remington Arms Company LLC Remington is voluntarily recalling Remington Model 700 and Model Seven rifles which were manufactured from May 1 2006 through April 9 2014 and which have an X Mark Pro XMP trigger. The Model 700 was introduced by Remington in 1962 and has since been expanded to include more than 30 sub models. The Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC SD offers a great deal. It 39 s a Remington 700 SPS in . Remington 700 SPS Bolt Action. Remington 700s have been one of my go to rifles for a long time now the time tested rugged reliability hasn t seen many changes over a number of decades perhaps the odd facelift but the action and barrel have been hitting their mark consistently for years. Facebook Parler Twitter Reddit middot E mail middot Remington 700 SPS AAC SD. 308 win 26 quot barrel screw cut 5 8 x 18 20moa picatinny rail. Apr 29 2010 Re Remington 700 SPS quality I found the receiver and bolt to be just fine and equal to any other 700 I have ever seen save the Alaskan Titanium model but that 39 s a different beast . The finish while plain is nbsp . 27 Nov 2016.

    Specifically I ve been Jonesing for the Remington 700 SPS Tactical AAC SD. Apr 20 2020 My overall assessment of the Remington 700 SPS Varmint is that it is a well built and accurate rifle which for those looking for a flat shooting rifle for dealing with long distance vermin up to and including the size of a fox will do the job really well. 223 Rem and a pretty decent trigger. Here 39 s the target I was shooting 165 grain Remington Core Lokts. 5 lbs nothing else was done to this factory rifle. Since the introduction of the Remington Model 700 Special Purpose Synthetic SPS family of centerfire rifles in 2005 these durable highly functional bolt actions have quickly become a favorite with hunters and shooters worldwide. I also have 2 Tikka T3 39 s I personally think the build quality to be slightly better than the Rem 700 39 s. just to diversify the offerings to the public.